Ten Things to Know about Natural Horsemanship

James is finishing up a three-week stint in Montana, where he held clinics and private trainings, visited family, and reacquainted himself with his old hometown, Lewistown. He’ll be hitting the road tomorrow to make the long drive from ranch country to the rolling hills (and sweltering summer heat) of central North Carolina. Since those of us at Fiore Farms have been without the benefit of his expertise for several weeks, this seems an apt time to publish James’ list of the top ten things to know about natural horsemanship. Have a safe trip home, cowboy.

  1. Quit thinking your horse feels what you feel.
  2. Stop thinking your horse thinks what you think.
  3. Don’t try to get your horse to act the way you think he should act.
  4. No matter what you are doing, your horse is learning something.
  5. Natural horsemanship is really about understanding prey animal psychology and using it during the training process.
  6. Natural horsemanship is not just for beginners, colt starting, and green horses. It’s applicable to the highest levels of performance.
  7. Natural horsemanship is the number-one proven method to stay safe when working with horses.
  8. Natural horsemanship is the most powerful way I’ve seen positive change brought into both horses’ and humans’ lives.
  9. Practicing natural horsemanship is a progressive process. It’s not about how good you are—it’s about trying to be a little better than the day before, always with respect for the horse’s integrity.
  10. Natural horsemanship applies to anything you can do with a horse. It is the true foundation for everything.

2 thoughts on “Ten Things to Know about Natural Horsemanship

  1. We should put these ten things up in the boarder’s lounge.

    If there was a horses bible, James would be Moses.

    Thanks Mary. As usual, great post. E

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