Perfect Horse, Unearthly Horse

This has been the most magical summer of my life. Thanks to James and Kate, I’ve begun to understand how horses think, why they behave as they do, and how to create a loving partnership with them. Thanks to Mystic, I’ve experienced a heart-and-soul connection with a horse. He’s been my student, my teacher, my muse, and my best friend.

Mystic’s past largely remains an enigma. All I really know is that he arrived at Fiore Farms on a truck of rescue horses years ago and has clearly suffered trauma. I like to think his early years were happy and carefree: I imagine him spilling into the world as a newborn foal, a slippery white bundle of long legs and curiosity, the future wide open with possibility. He didn’t choose to be treated badly—humans made that choice for him. The good news is that rebirth is possible every day, every moment. Wounds can be healed, and tender care is a sweet salve.

Summer ends for me today because graduate school begins tomorrow. I’ll continue to write blog posts; however, they will be less frequent. I’ll play with Mystic at least once or twice a week throughout the school year, but the luxury of spending nearly every day with him is gone for now. I’m feeling the loss already, yet I have faith that we’ll find fresh rhythms and ways of being. Every loss clears the way for something new.

The poem below by Ted Hughes is in honor of Mystic, his birth, and his rebirth.


7 thoughts on “Perfect Horse, Unearthly Horse

  1. Another wonderful entry, but best of all is the Ted Hughes poem, which I had never seen. Perfect! And perfect for the magical bond which you and Mystic share.

  2. Mary,
    It has been such an amazing summer! Working and learning along side of you is a pleasure. It is not that often that someone throws themselves into “becoming a student of the horse” the way you do. I am so excited for the adventures in horsemanship to come…
    Love, Kate

    • It’s wonderful to think of all the trails we have ahead–real and metaphoric. I can’t thank you enough for getting me started on the journey and staying alongside me every step of the way.

  3. Mary:

    Thank you.
    What a wonderful summer it has been reconnecting with you and getting to know Mystic.
    Best to you as graduate school begins. I spent most of yesterday at Wabash…298 incoming members of the Class of 2015 for Freshman Saturday. President Pat White continues the tradition began by your father and “rang them in” with the Caleb Mills bell…

    Please keep in touch!


    • I’m so tickled that you’ve been keeping up with the blog. I hope I get back to Crawfordsville and Wabash someday–a lot of great memories there. Good for you for being there to welcome freshmen. I did my share in high school!

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