Giving Thanks

Today I give thanks for my parents, my family and friends, and all the people in my life who honor and love horses, especially James and Kate. I give thanks for my son, Gabe, who has weathered hard passages and emerged as an extraordinary young man with a tender spirit. I give thanks for Mystic, who has totally and completely captured my heart.

As you may have noticed, I love poems: In honor of Thanksgiving, here’s a treasured one by e. e. cummings, followed by some favorite photos—many taken by my sister Abigail, a photographer by trade and passion.

My parents Thaddeus & Polly as newlyweds, 1949

Seymour family Thanksgiving, 1962 (I'm in the front row, far right)

Sisters, Thanksgiving 1996

Cousins, Thanksgiving 2000 (my son Gabe is third from left)

Gabe & me, Christmas 2009

My sister Liz, advocate of people experiencing homelessness, 2009

My brother T. with niece Lila Mae, 2010

My brother Sam with his wife Karen, 2011

My sister Abigail with children Lila Mae & Joaquin, 2010

My parents, 2003

My barn family at Fiore Farms, October 2011

Thank you for this most amazing day.


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