What’s Inside Your Dreams?

Another birthday with no pony

When I was a little girl, every birthday morning I woke up hoping to find a mysterious string on the floor beside my bed. I imagined picking up the end of the string and following it out of my bedroom, down the stairs, through the yard, and into the garage, where I’d find a pony waiting for me. A pony, just for me.

For years I sustained that fantasy, drawn from the plot of one of my horse books. It was fiction, of course, but—against all odds—I believed the string-leading-to-pony thing could happen to me.

Three weeks ago, on 11/11/11—an auspicious date if ever there was one—I got my pony. Except he’s not a pony—he’s a 15-hand, 16-year-old white horse with a silvery gray mane and tail.

For those of you who’ve been reading this blog over the long haul, you’ve probably guessed: I am now the proud caretaker of Mystic. “Owner” is another word for it, but that sounds a bit chattel-like for my tastes.

I feel like the luckiest person on the planet.

Mystic the dream horse

My relationship with Mystic feels much the same, yet subtly different. I get to call him “my” horse now. I no longer have to worry that someone else will lease or buy him. I’m responsible for his care and well-being, in sickness and in health. Our relationship is as official as it can be, short of a justice of the peace.

After surviving a long, not particularly happy 16-year-marriage, I swore I’d never re-up for a lifetime commitment. And yet here I am, committing—committed!—without qualms.

Maybe it’s because this feels like an equal relationship, one of give-and-take and trust. Maybe it’s because I get back from Mystic far more than I give.

True partnership

In a way, my new caretaker status hasn’t sunk in yet. I dreamed as a child of having a white horse of my own. I put that dream away for years, forgetting it even existed.  Now I feed my dream carrots and curry comb the dust out of his fuzzy coat.

The fact that my dream came true so unexpectedly reminds me of a favorite quote from Gloria Steinem: “If what’s inside your dreams wasn’t already real inside you, you couldn’t even dream it.”

In other words, our dreams aren’t a cruel joke. They’re inside us because they’re meant to come true.

So keep dreaming, and I will too.


5 thoughts on “What’s Inside Your Dreams?

  1. AWESOME NEWS MARY!!!!! AWESOME for both you and Mystic! Brings tears to my eyes reading this post.

    You are both so lucky to be living your dream!

  2. Well, I guess it just took a few more years (and another 42 days after your 9/30 birth date), but now you and Mystic have each other, at last. Worth waiting for! xoxoxoxox

  3. Mary, what I love is your loose rope, showing Mystic’s willingness to play. What a dream come true and on 11/11/11. you go girl! Gretchen

  4. I love that quote and I love this post. Mystic may be your dream, but you are his. There is no one else more perfect for him and together you are limitless. James is the one who taught me to believe in my dreams and that if you do something everyday towards the direction of those dreams they will come true. It is watching the dreams of those around me come true that reminds me not to forget how powerful the dreams within us really are.

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