Velvet and Margaret

Margaret Bednar, who has two horses at Fiore Farms, takes extraordinary photographs, and writes the blog Just Horses, pointed me to the following photos of her pony Velvet in response to my most recent blog post, Little Napoleons:

Here is what Margaret had to say:

The top is a photo of my sister and me with our pony, Velvet. I am standing and my sister has our dog, Sugar, in her lap. Looking at this picture it both seems so long ago AND like it was yesterday… how can that be? Well, as I fight the lump in my throat, I can look back and say how lucky we were to grow up in an “innocent” time when we kids didn’t worry about being out ALL day, wandering around the countryside, only coming home when we were either hungry or it was starting to get dark.  And our pony was usually with us! My horse was beloved too. But when we moved out of the house and got our own apartments, he was sold. My mom refused to part with Velvet—she said a better caretaker of her children she could never have found!

And here is my favorite photo of Margaret. You just can’t explain clothing in the ’70s; you had to be there.

Margaret writes:

This is me in my “beloved” (not really) polyester green 4-H outfit. Velvet was a great little pony, always well liked by the judges. She brought home the blue ribbon for both of us this day. She knew her leads and trotted along so slowly. Tucked her head in nicely when asked to back up. Horse shows were not my “thing,” though. My sister, to this day does raise horses and shows them professionally (give me trail riding any day!). Maybe I would have felt differently if I had been given a better outfit…  🙂

Thanks for sharing, Margaret!


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