What Heat?

There’s been a North Carolina heat wave in the last few days—Friday topped the charts at 104 degrees. Today reached almost 100 degrees, but that didn’t get in the way of lessons at Cooler Horsemanship. James and his students got started at 8 AM to beat the full-bore heat. I sat in the relative coolness of the grandstand, bottle of ice water in hand, and marveled at the tenacity of horses and horse people. By 10 AM I headed home to central air conditioning, but James and his students were still going strong. Hats off to all of you!

Nancy and Joker practice lunging

Kim and her daughters with their Rocky Mountain Horses (Freedom, left, and Rhett)

Emy gives Freedom the signal to back up—a wiggling lead rope

The chaps must go on, even in a heat wave

Shelby (left) and Hope join the fun in the arena

Ila with an elevated Rhett

Chillin’ on the pedestals


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