The Eternal Country of the Heart

A few weeks ago I received an extraordinary gift from a Fiore Farms boarder, Margaret Bednar, who happens to be a phenomenal photographer as well as a thoughtful human being. She gave me a matted and framed photo of Mystic that she took last fall. Margaret is experimenting with large framed prints, with the intent of selling some. I was the lucky beneficiary of her first experiment; needless to say, the photo hangs in a place of honor in my house.

Margaret perfectly captured the essence of Mystic, from his solemn faraway gaze to his muscly wide-legged stance. The nuanced grays, blacks, and whites enhance his ethereal, old-soul presence. Every time I walk past the photograph, I fall in love with Mystic all over again.

The beauty of this black-and-white photograph got me thinking about my other favorite photos, taken by my sister Abigail. They capture the greatest love in my life—my son, Gabe, who turned 23 today. He told me this morning that he’s been thinking a lot about childhood memories and feeling a little sad. Why? I asked. “Because I’ve realized they’re just memories—that you can’t go back.”

It’s true: you can’t go back, but you can treasure photos of stolen moments, fleeting smiles, glimpsed spirits, allowing you to collapse time and live in the eternal country of the heart.


3 thoughts on “The Eternal Country of the Heart

  1. Oh, Mair, You and Gabe tug my heart, too. Abigail’s sweet and artful look at Gabe when he was? 8?-10? And Mystic in that sensitive photo makes three. How loving among and about all of you! Mom

  2. Those words… eternal country of the heart is so poetic! And you should tell Gabe that a mother lives with a bit of that sadness in her heart too… her “baby” growing up is wistful… With that said, there is nothing that makes me cry and tear up (with pride) more than when I ponder my children’s promising futures…. I’m just a sap, no matter the occasion! 🙂

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