Double Blogging

When I became a mother, I intentionally chose to have one child. I knew I wouldn’t have the patience, the equanimity, the tolerance for pettiness to sort out the perpetual “That’s not fair! She has more!” stuff that happens daily with two or more children. Call me selfish, or call me someone who knows her limits.

Home from the hospital 23 years ago with Gabe, my one and only

Now I find myself with two children, so to speak. One is this blog, Galloping Mind, which I started in April 2011. The other is a blog I started six weeks ago, Beautiful Minds, for my new job as director of GROW at the Mental Health Association in Greensboro (MHAG).

A Beautiful Minds post

Like any mother, I love both of my children equally. Galloping Mind represents my passion for horses, and Beautiful Minds captures the people, events, and news associated with mental health recovery. I’m equally passionate on the latter subject, especially since I’m in recovery myself and know both sides of it, as both patient and counselor.

My job interview at MHAG was the first where I openly mentioned my diagnosis of bipolar disorder—and it served as a job qualification. As my father is fond of saying, “What a world!” I get to spend my days among people who don’t wear public masks, speak their truths, and can’t help but show their vulnerability. I love it when one or another plops into my office chair and asks for a reference for a psychiatrist or wants to know how my horse is doing. Once a week I teach creative writing to students at MHAG’s Wellness Academy, and their written words blow me away. They come straight from the heart.

I love my job so much it reminds me of Steve Martin’s catchphrase: “But the most amazing thing to me is I get paid for doing this!” My latest project is putting together a peer conference that will be a fusion of drumming, music, art, writing, and storytelling. If I could bring horses into it, I would.

I promise that from here on out I’ll keep my children separate, but I wanted to be honest with readers: I do have two blogs, and I love them both. I’m not two-timing you, just stretching myself in new ways.


3 thoughts on “Double Blogging

  1. Hi Mary! Wonderful reading; thanks! Trusting this finds all well with you. Needing you advise/assistance in how to cajole, convince, coerce you & the entire Seymour clan (especially that Mom & Dad of yours!) to reunion rendezvous in the “Athens of the Midwest” the weekend of May 31- June 2 for the Big Bash Weekend at you-know-where. So many of us from Class of ’78 (other years) still talk about Dad Thad & Polly and the respect & genuine love we have for them & our alma mater. Please let me know if I should pester my Prez ( I already have started, btw!) any more on this! [and yes, I hope he is reading this, too!] 🙂

    Best to you!


  2. Hi Mary,
    Just had to tell you that I couldn’t help but laugh when Dillon saw the photo of you and Gabe and said “when did she have him?! Is he as old as me?”. (I think he was briefly wondering why you hadn’t brought him up to VA to play with him when you’ve come). Ha! I’ve tried to explain to him that the picture was taken some time ago and that baby Gabe is now Casey’s age. Kids just call it like they see it. 🙂

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