Nothing Gold Can Stay

When I came to Fiore Farms more than four years ago, only a few horses were in residence. I leased one of them and rode mostly in solitude. Then James Cooler arrived as equestrian director; he and Kate brought their three horses and vast knowledge of natural horsemanship. Boarders began to arrive to study with James and Kate. The quiet farm became a community of horse lovers, and the tack lounge turned into a gathering place. We shared each other’s triumphs and hopes, and we came to know and love everyone’s horses.

But, as the poet Robert Frost wrote, “Nothing gold can stay.” That beautiful bubble of time has floated on, and our horse community is dispersing to various stables in the Triad. James and Kate will take to the road to teach their ever-devoted students and make Flintrock Farm—just a few miles down the road from Fiore Farms—their base as of November 1. Some of us, including Mystic and me, will move to Flintrock. All of us are blessed with memories of that magical time, when wishing castles appeared, rainbows proliferated, and our horses lived like kings and queens.

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4 thoughts on “Nothing Gold Can Stay

  1. Seriously, things can change in a snap of the fingers! I miss everyone and wonder how everyone is doing. Thank you for this post. Oberon and I hope to see you at your new digs and enjoy a day of trail riding soon.

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