Home Is Where the Horse Is

Mystic moved to his new home, Flintrock Farm, on November 1 along with James and Kate Cooler’s herd.

He got his own stall, which is not his cup of tea. When he’s put inside it, his look says, “Really? Moi? This little box?”

Luckily, Mystic is outside almost all the time. He gets along with every member of the herd, so he gets to hang with whoever is out. He and I have also discovered some sweet patches of grass, so I let him munch whenever I visit.

It’s taken me a while to make the transition, and I’m still learning my way around. Unfortunately I injured my knee (meniscus tear—tripped on my pants at work!) so I haven’t been able to ride. Hopefully in a few weeks Mystic and I will be able to tackle Flintrock’s extensive trails. Meanwhile we’re concentrating on groundplay and grass eating.

I’ve taken over an empty tack box that sported several inches of dust and a few generations of spiders. I cleaned and painted it and put my stuff inside. From here on out, it’s war between the barn dust and me.

James and Kate love Flintrock; they’ve already done a demonstration and a clinic on the premises, with lots more to come.  It’s fun watching them with their horses in a new place. The other day I caught James practicing tandem riding with Moonshine and Indigo while Kate did groundplay with Kleo in an adjoining pasture.

Yesterday I explored the grounds with a camera and snapped a few things that caught my eye:

One of the barn kitties…

The indoor ring…

A flower stand in front of a barn…

A handsome stall occupant…

The back entrance to “my” barn…

A welcoming wood stove in the lounge…

A pumpkin decorated by 4-H kids…

It’s good to find a new home and settle into it. After all, home is where the horse is.


4 thoughts on “Home Is Where the Horse Is

  1. Love this sentiment and the photos! I’d LOVE to come out and trail ride with all of you (and take photos, of course 🙂 Hope your knee repairs quickly- in the mean time, I’m sure Mystic is enjoying grazing alongside you.

  2. Dear Mary and Mystic – Welcome to Flintrock! The dark bay “handsome stall occupant” is Rotten. That’s short for Spolied Rotten! He is my bestest buddy….keeps me sane. Hope to meet you in person soon. Best!

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