Hail, Hail, the Gang’s All Here!

Last fall our devoted collective of Cooler Horsemanship students spread to the winds when James and Kate left Fiore Farms for Flintrock Farm. People took their horses to new stables—fresh pastures, so to speak. We all felt sad at the loss of our community of good-hearted, horse-loving folks. James and Kate continued to teach these loyal students, commuting to their barns to give lessons.

Mystic and I followed James and Kate and their herd to Flintrock in November; Mystic’s good friend Mo came along too, as well as Joker, a horse in training. Poky had already beaten us there.

Pokey in her stall at Flintrock, fancy brass nameplate and all

Poky in her stall at Flintrock, fancy nameplate and all

Kate leads Mo out of the pasture

Kate leads Mo out of the pasture

We’ve learned our way around the place, which boards more than 100 horses, and settled into a routine. Still, something has been missing: the tight-knit camaraderie of the old barn, where we all believed deeply in natural horsemanship and cheered each other on.

They say you can’t go back.

Well, maybe not, but I have learned that you can get your friends and their horses back in one place.

Sonder arrived at Flintrock in December.

Elizabeth and Sonder in Flintrock's outdoor arena

Elizabeth and Sonder in Flintrock’s outdoor arena

Next came Buddy and Molly, then Zip, Ben, and Oberon; Rebekah moved in yesterday. With them came Ben, Angela & Amanda, Jane, Margaret & Emma & Jeanette, and Jeanne.

Amanda helps Zip settle into his new home with bag of hay

Amanda helps Zip settle in

Marget and Oberon check out the grounds

Margaret and Oberon check out the grounds

Jane brought a new set of bright orange cones with her, and I bought a small, portable pedestal. We’re keeping these and other toys in an empty stall, which Margaret jokes will eventually be lined with an oriental carpet.

It’s great to have the gang back.



4 thoughts on “Hail, Hail, the Gang’s All Here!

  1. LOVE this… and you snuck a photo of me in there – one I approve of 🙂 And it is great to be back together – I can’t stop smiling.

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