27 Days

Two months have passed since James and Kate Cooler left North Carolina to spend the summer in Montana. They’re training green horses and yearlings at the R Lazy 6 Ranch in Lewistown, holding clinics and demos, and honing their colt-starting skills for the upcoming SEFHA Colt Starting Challenge on October 19.

Kate and James in Montana

Kate and James in Montana

I feel melancholy every time I pull up to Flintrock Farm and see the space where James and Kate’s horse trailer used to sit. I miss the sight of James teaching Deuce to stop on a dime, or Kate cantering Kleo in a graceful arc. I miss the thrill of watching them play with horses in training, a tremendous source of learning for those of us hanging on the fence. I miss their dogs, Cali and Ginger, and their affection for me as “the biscuit lady.”

And yet I’m thrilled that James and Kate are having a western adventure. Really, I am.

It’s just…I miss them.

Internet and cell phone access to the mountains of central Montana is spotty, to say the least, so I haven’t been able to connect with them often. But we’ve been collaborating on the next issue of Cooler Horsemanship News, which will come out in September. They’ve sent me some breathtaking photos for the newsletter, so I urge you to subscribe if you’re not already on the recipient list.

James and Kate will be back at Flintrock on September 20 or thereabouts.

Twenty-seven days to go. Just 27 days.

Heading home?

Is that North Carolina in the distance?


2 thoughts on “27 Days

  1. We miss you SOOO much!!! Got a little choked up reading this. We are having a blast, but it has been hard to be away from all our people and horse friends. See you in 27 days…

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