Joe’s Project

My friend Joe, who is studying photography at Randolph Community College (see his blog), asked if he could feature Mystic and me in a multimedia project for a class. The object was to capture someone in her or his milieu, complete with sound effects and spoken narrative. It could only be one minute long, with no more than 24 images.



I said okay, and Joe shot photos over the course of two days (hence different clothes and tack, for the sharp-eyed). He also recorded some great sound effects: crunchy driveway gravel, hoofbeats, neighs, and nickers. You’ll just have to imagine those as you read the transcript and view the slideshow below.

Thanks, Joe, for letting us be part of your project. You deserve an A.

I love heading out to the farm on weekends. I know I’m going into this world that I love. I have this beautiful horse named Mystic; I’ve had him for about three years. A big part of having a horse is taking care of the horse and grooming it. I always do that before I do anything with Mystic for the day. One of the great things about it is that I’m not only taking care of him, but I’m also creating that connection with him. I learned about natural horsemanship a few years ago. It’s really about understanding horse psychology and behavior, especially how horses behave in herds, and using that knowledge to connect with a horse and build a trusting relationship with it. Mystic is 19 years old. Horses can live into their 30s; I hope to have a lot of years with him.

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