Gus and Deuce Go Elsewhere

I try not to have too many regrets in life, but one has been haunting me since August. I regret that I missed Gus and Deuce’s visit to Elsewhere, a museum set inside a thrift store in downtown Greensboro, on August 23.

Kate introduces Gus and Deuce to Elmo inside Elsewhere

Kate introduces Gus and Deuce to Elmo inside Elsewhere

One of Elsewhere’s visiting artists envisioned bringing horses to the museum to see how they would interact with the environment. She put out a request for horses, which made its way to James Cooler. He figured spending time in a close-quartered museum would be a good desensitization exercise for the horses, not to mention an adventure. So he and Kate loaded their Quarter horses Gus and Deuce on the trailer and brought them from Flintrock Farm to 606 South Elm Street. The sight of two horses downtown caused a minor ruckus—a reminder that what’s common in the country is a phenomenon in the city.

According to James and Kate, Deuce was a bit skittish upon entering Elsewhere, but he settled down once he got used to the space. Gus was his usual bombproof self. They both took a shine to the stuffed animals, especially Elmo and Alf. Click here to read an account of the day on Elsewhere’s blog.

The outing included a delicious “horse-pitality” platter with sweet potato roots, carrots, and other fruits and vegetables.

Gus and Deuce's "horse-pitality" platter

Gus and Deuce’s “horse-pitality” platter

The Elsewhere visit was not only whimsical but practical: Gus and James will be competing in the Wild Card competition at Road the Horse 2015, which means they’ll be facing a cheering crowd of thousands, bright lights, booming music, a tough obstacle course, and competitive jitters. There’s no way to fully prepare for this immersion experience, but a couple of hours inside a thrift-store-turned-museum surely counts for something.