I moved from Massachusetts to Greensboro, North Carolina, in 2008, to escape New England winters and start a new chapter in my life. After 30 years as a writer and editor, I switched fields and earned my master’s in counseling from UNCG in 2012. In my non-equine life, I’m a program director at the Mental Health Association in Greensboro and part-time counselor at Tree of Life Counseling. I study natural horsemanship with James and Kate Cooler, who brought a beautiful white horse named Mystic into my life. He was a rescue horse who’d been pushed into rigorous dressage and jumping. He began bucking and rearing and ended up in a pasture for three years, deemed unridable. James and Kate saw a match in Mystic and me; they taught me how to help him overcome his fears. I fell in love with him in the process and am now Mystic’s proud owner-caretaker.



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  1. Saw the picture of Rosie and Melody, glad it caught my attention, I looked further, read your articles, I enjoyed every one of them, had to giggle when I was reading “The Buck Stopped Here”, it reminded me of some experiences that I have had, always wondering was it me and why I didn’t feel like they were as good as they were portrayed. The guy you met that had the rescued horse was the better trainer and much more interesting. Was suprised at the end of reading all your articles, of which I really enjoyed, that I knew who you were, I am Jaime’s mom, met you many times, usually on Rosie. I plan to follow your articles, you have a new fan and I plan to pass it on. Thanks, Wanda

    • Hi Wanda, What fun to hear from you! Thanks for reading the blog and passing it on. Yeah, that guy with the rescue horse was the real deal–they had such a sweet relationship. I wish I could follow their story, but I didn’t think to get his name and address. I still get up to Shangrila every now and then–hope to see you during one of those visits. Say hi to Jaime for me…Mary

  2. Mary, John and I recently reconnected with your WONDERFUL mom and dad at our place in Vermont. I love your blog and all your links, even if it has cost me an unexpected couple of hours. I am beginning to reacquaint myself with horses after a 50! year hiatus, designing a workshop for leaders using principles of natural horsemanship. Simply said – a huge endeavor, which at age 73 I’m thrilled about! A new beginning. You’re blog is helping me. Thanks.

  3. Hi Mary,

    it’s Faith, remember me from the spring clinic w/James? I came with Fantasia. .

    You recognized “Fantasia” that clinic weekend. She is a wonderful soul! Very talkative and sweet. She calls to me every time I go outside – she’s the sweetest thing! I’ve been blessed with being able to adopt her. So she is a member of our family.

    Our boy Jazz has a new friend – he is in love! We renamed her. Her new name is Spirit! I think it fits her so well. She came into my life 2 days after my Vicky passed away from Colic, 5 months after my beloved Cody passed, and 14 months after our Copper passed (it was a very bad year). So Spirit suits her – she has a little of each horses personality.

    Wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog! You are a very talented writer.

    Hope you are doing well. I enjoyed following your adventures with Mystic and the progress you’ve made.

    Keeping up with Jane and Ben has also been great! They have come so far.

    Keep up the great articles. They are so enjoyable! I visit them frequently.

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